Braided Tethering Set


Braided tethering sets made using the best quality braid.

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Braided tethering sets made using the best quality braid.

The braided tethering sets include jesses, extender and leash.

Most of our braided sets are made with USA imported braided black dacron, and micro cord for bright and lasting colours. Dyneema is available for use in the micro sets. An 8 strand square braid is used to provide a neat finish.

Please choose up to 4 colours for your braided tethering set order.

Please let us know what length of jesses you need. As a rough guide, typical lengths are 4″ or 5″ for a small bird (e.g. Merlin), 6″ for a tiercel, 7″ for a falcon and 8″ for a hawk. If in doubt, let us know what bird you have and the diameter of the block or type of perch that you are using.


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Braided tethering set, Braided jesses, Braided leash, Braided extender, Micro braided tethering set, Micro braided jesses


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