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I have been making hoods since 2007. I started falconry in South Africa, and this is where I was first introduced to hood making. I began by making Canon Slipjer and Indian hoods for birds such as African Goshawks and Black Sparrowhawks. I moved onto Dutch hoods here in England after I obtained a good set of blocks.

All of the materials that I use for making the hoods are of the highest quality. Each hood is hand crafted, and I believe that the little details and quality of stitching should be perfect.

I am happy to custom make items, so please do contact me to discuss any special requests that you have.

What People Say

“This hood is not just any old hood. If carlsburgh made hoods they would be like this hood. It’s a work of art.”


“Received my hood yesterday for Jack Merlin and it’s a lovely fit, the hood itself is a work of art and is a shame to use it, could do with ordering another and just putting it on show to look at.” 


“They are quality hoods Kev but it’s the fit that gets me. I have never seen hoods that fit so well it’s like they were made to measure. Thanks again.


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